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A homemade vinegar is so easy to make and usable in so many dishes. Finish off your dish by flambéing with tarragon vinegar for that extra flavor. Or use it as a base for a vinaigrette. You can also use it as a finishing touch for your oysters.

For one small bottle ( ½ L) of tarragon vinegar.


- ½ L of vinegar

- 20gr of fresh tarragon

- 3 tablespoons of white sugar

- 2 small shallots

- Vacuum bottle for ½ L


1. Peel your shallots.

2. Cut the shallots into big pieces.

3. Place a big cooking pot on a high fire.

4. Add the vinegar and the shallots to your cooking pot.

5. Once the vinegar is boiling, you add the sugar and stir this mixture.

6. Let this cook for a couple of minutes.

7. In the meanwhile, take your vacuum bottle and add the fresh tarragon to


8. Place a funnel in your bottle and in your funnel, you place a small sieve.

9. Pour the mixture from your cooking pot into the small sieve that’s on top of

your funnel. This to remove the shallots.

10. Close the bottle and let it cool down before using.

11. Tip: keep the tarragon vinegar in the fridge and you will be able to use

it for 6 months (at least).

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