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SHOESTRING FRIES (steppe gras)

I am feeling nostalgic, this is a Belgian classic. Extremely crispy and addictive. If you don’t know yet what shoestring fries are, it are very thin fries. It goes well with a steak or even as a side dish together with a salad.

All my tips and tricks are here.

Serves up to 2 people.


- 5 big potatoes (to make fries)

- Red bell pepper powder

- Salt

- Pepper

- Chili flakes

- Mandolin (optional)


1. First you cut the potatoes into thin slices. You can use your mandolin (if you have one). If you use the mandolin you have to use the thinnest option possible. You can also cut the potatoes by hand.

2. After cutting them into slices, you cut the slices into julienne (thin strips/fries).

3. Place the julienne into a bowl and rinse them with cold water. This is to remove all the potato starch.

4. Leave the julienne in the bowl with cold water so that they are rinsed thoroughly.

5. Remove the water from the bowl and place the julienne on a clean towel. How dryer the julienne how crispier the fries will be.

6. In the meanwhile preheat your deep-fryer on 175°C.

7. Fry the julienne fries in the deep-fryer. Make sure you don’t put too much fries at once in the fryer.

8. Fry them for 1 minute and take the fries out of the deep-frying oil (round 1 of frying).

9. Let the deep-frying oil get back to the 175°C and fry them again for about 1 minute (round 2 of frying).

10. Tip: when the fries are golden-brown you know they are done.

11. Take a plate and place a paper towel on it. Let the fries rest on the paper towel and add some salt to it.

12. Serving tip: add some red bell powder and chili flakes.

13. Tip: if you want to serve more shoestring fries than just this portion àafter step 11, you place the fries on some parchment paper, they will stay crispier and you can make another batch of shoestring fries.

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