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Do you know pomelo? It is often a forgotten fruit but so delicious in some dishes! It is a big citrus with a smooth, thick yellow-white peel. The flavor is light-bitter and that’s why I love to make chutney of it. Delicious in a salad, between a wrap and even on your pizza!

Good for one medium-bowl of pomelo chutney.


- ½ of a pomelo

- 1 lime

- 4 tablespoons of sugar

- 4 tablespoons of white balsamic vinegar

- 1 tablespoon of honey

- Pinch of saffron

- Pinch of chili flakes

- Butter


If you can’t find a pomelo in a supermarket near you, you can also use a grapefruit instead. Instead of using half of the grapefruit, you use the entire grapefruit. This is because a pomelo is almost twice the size of a grapefruit.


1. Peel the pomelo.

2. Remove the outside skin (“membrane”) of the pomelo.

3. Detach the fruit from each other by cutting/ripping it into smaller pieces.

4. Take a steel pan and add a little bit of butter to it.

5. Let it melt and add the pieces of pomelo to it.

6. Grate the peel from the lime into the steel pan.

7. Add the juice from the lemon to the steel pan together with the pinch of

chili flakes.

8. Add the sugar, honey, white balsamic vinegar and the pinch of saffron.

9. Let all of this simmer for about 25 minutes until the pieces of the pomelo

are completely detached from each other.

10. The chutney is a little bit too dry? Add a little bit of water to it.

11. Once the chutney is finished, you poor it into a small bowl and let it

cool down.

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