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Surprisingly enough this is my new favorite homemade syrup. The summer is over, sadly enough, but to me this brings back summer. The sweet flavor of the pomegranate but the surprising finish of the thyme makes this combination just perfect. You can use this for almost anything! In a cocktail, as a lemonade (with sparkling water) and even add it to your oatmeal or yoghurt. Just realized that this would be amazing with vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate. Who is in the mood to make this recipe? Recipe is up on the blog. Cheers, Cece.

For one bottle of syrup.


- 2 pomegranates

- 1kg of white sugar

- 1L of filtered / bottled water

- Branches of thyme

- 1 vacuum bottle of 1L


1. Boil a big cooking pot with water on a high fire.

2. Once the water is boiling, you add the sugar and stir it for a while. Let this boil so you get a sugary syrup.

3. While the water is boiling, we remove the pits from the pomegranate and

place the pits aside in a bowl.

4. Once you have the sugary syrup, you add the pits from the pomegranate,

and you lower the fire.

5. Add the branches of thyme to your cooking pot.

6. Let this cook for at least half an hour on a low fire.

7. Use a funnel to pour the syrup into your vacuum bottle.

8. Close the vacuum bottle and let this cool down. Once it is cooled down

you can serve it.

9. Tip: an opened bottle needs to be put in the fridge and stays good for at

least 2 to 3 months. An unopened bottle stays good for at least 4 to 6


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