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The holidays are coming! Here is an easy starter that is finger licking good and it will surprise your guests. It only took me 12 minutes to make this one. This delicious recipe is up on the blog. Go check it out, love Cece.


- 6 langoustines

- 1 lime

- Butter

- Olive oil

- Branch of sage

- Branch of parsley

- Branch of mini basil

- 2 pieces of spring onion

- Chili flakes

- Garlic powder

- Pepper

- Salt


1. Wash the langoustines, sometimes there is a remainder of fish eggs.

2. Pluck the leaves from the sage and the parsley.

3. Cut the leaves from the sage and parsley very thin and place aside.

4. Cut the spring onion into fine rings and place aside.

5. Heat a big pan on a high fire and add a bit of olive oil.

6. Once the oil is heated, add the langoustines. Langoustines do not take very long to be cooked.

7. Bake the langoustines and season with pepper, salt and a teaspoon of garlic powder.

8. Once the langoustines are medium done, you lower the fire.

9. Grate the peel from the lime on top of the langoustines.

10. Squeeze the lime and pour the juice from the lime in the pan.

11. Higher the fire and season with chili flakes, the finely chopped herbs and the spring onion.

12. Add a bit of butter to the pan.

13. Once the langoustines are done, place them on the serving plate and add the mini leaves of basil.

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