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The kitchen smelled heavenly after I made this recipe. Can you imagine?

I love seafood! Freshly baked squid is always a nice appetizer.

Serves up to 2 people.


- 4 pieces of squid

- 6 leaves of sage

- Cilantro

- 2 chili peppers

- Spring onion

- 2 cloves of garlic

- Plant based oil

- ½ lemon

- Sea salt


1. Cut the squid in two and clean it.

2. Cut the squid in smaller pieces (to your preference). Tip: make incisions in the squid while cutting it, so the squid can curl up.

3. Cut the sage and cilantro into small pieces. Also cut the chili peppers in small pieces but make sure to remove the seeds.

4. Cut the spring onions into small rings.

5. Crush the cloves of garlic, remove the peel and cut these very thin.

6. Heat your pan on a high-fire with a dash of oil. Once the oil is warm enough, add the squid and cook it.

7. Add the sage, spring onions, chili and garlic to the pan. Season with salt.

8. Let it cook for about 1 minute. Afterwards, turn down the fire.

9. Add some lemon juice and the cilantro.

10. When serving I like to add some spicy oil and some more cilantro.

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