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Nothing is better than waking up with some breakfast in bed, in your warm bathrobe and this pile of freshly baked pancakes.

We’re going back to basics and I ate already 6 of these pancakes while writing this recipe lol.

It’s Sunday again, unbelievable how fast a week goes by. Fully booked Sunday filled with good things.

Enjoy your Sunday loves.

Hug C.

For 12 pancakes


- 500ml of milk

- 250gr of self-rising flour

- 3 eggs

- Pinch of salt

- Vanilla sugar (one small bag)

- 50gr of butter

- Butter (for baking the pancakes)

- Caster sugar


1. Sift the flour in a mixing bowl, add the salt and the vanilla sugar.

2. Break the eggs into the mixing bowl and 250ml of the milk.

3. Mix everything together with a whisk and add the rest of the milk little by little.

4. Take a pancake pan and put it on a high fire. Melt the 50gr of butter (make sure it doesn’t burn!) and the melted butter to the mixture.

5. Mix everything together with a whisk.

6. Little tip: let this mixture rest in the fridge for about one hour. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to wait you can start making the pancakes already.

7. Over to baking the pancakes. Take your pancake pan and put in on a high fire. Let some butter melt. Use your ladle to pour some of the mixture into your pan. Lower your fire.

8. When the top isn’t fluid anymore and the sides are turning brown you can flip the pancake. Bake the other side until it’s golden brown.

9. Stack the pancakes and finish of with the classic caster sugar.

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