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Always in for some comfort food and this one is extra creamy.

I love lazy Sundays like this where comfort is the most important thing.

Who wants a bowl? Easy and fast recipe.

I am going to enjoy this lazy Sunday with my girlfriends.

Enjoy your evening, love C.

Serves up to 3 people


- 400gr of tagliatelle

- 250gr of mushrooms

- 250gr of small mushrooms

- 55gr of butter

- 30gr of flour

- 150ml of cream

- 250gr of grated cheese

- ½ l of milk

- Extra butter

- Pinch of nutmeg

- Salt

- Pepper

- Garlic powder

- Dried thyme

- Fresh basil

- Olive oil


1. First we start with the “big” mushrooms. Put the “smaller” mushrooms aside for later.

2. Cut the (big) mushrooms in four and cook them in a pan on a high-fire with some olive oil and butter.

3. Season the (big) mushrooms with thyme, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

4. Afterwards, let them rest in a colander.

5. Cook the tagliatelle in a cooking pot with some salt and olive oil (read the instructions on the packaging of the pasta).

6. Melt the butter (55gr) in a big stewpot on a high-fire. Add the flour and bake for about 3 minutes. It’s important to keep stirring the flour so it doesn’t burn.

7. Add the milk (with intermediary breaks), stir thoroughly with a whisk (so you don’t get clots). Keep stirring until you get a thick mixture. Season with salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Lower your fire after stirring.

8. In the meanwhile, add the grated cheese, the (big) mushrooms and the cream.

9. Mix it all together.

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