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Chocolate is always a good idea. Everyone always says my brownies are awesome and I don’t blame them, so why not share the recipe with you guys?


- 6 eggs

- 250gr of sugar

- 400gr of dark chocolate

- 300gr of butter

- 3dl coffee

- 3dl rum

- 250gr of pastry flour

- Parchment paper / baking paper

- Pecan nuts

This recipe starts with a classic au bain-marie or water bath. Because not everyone knows what this means, I will explain. Put a pot of water on a medium heat. A pot that is big and deep enough. Bring the water to the boiling point and then dip a second pot or pan into the warm water.


1. Preheat the oven on 175°C.

2. Put the chocolate and the butter in the water bath so it can melt slowly.

3. Add the coffee to the chocolate mixture.

4. Place a pot on a medium heat fire and add the rum, boil until the alcohol evaporates. Add the rum to the chocolate mixture.

5. Take a mixing bowl and break the eggs into the bowl. Add the sugar and mix it together until you get a pale and foamy mixture.

6. Pour the chocolate mixture with the eggs. Mix until you get an even mixture.

7. In the meanwhile, put the pastry flour in a strainer and add the pastry flour to the mixture.

8. Mix it all together.

9. Butter the baking mold. Cover the baking mold with the parchment paper. The butter is to prevent the paper from sticking to the baking mold.

10. Pour the chocolate mixture into the baking mold.

11. Add a layer of crunched pecan nuts on top.

12. Bake the brownie for about 28 minutes.

13. It is important to let the brownie cool down, so the brownie can harden. Your brownie should be soft and moist on the inside.

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