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Good morning, here I am again with a healthy breakfast. For today’s breakfast I made chia pudding with red fruit coulis. I love this when it’s cold outside. I prepare it the evening before and the next day I can just take it out of the fridge and breakfast is served. It contains a lot of omega 3 fats and protein, perfect to start the day.

For one jar.


- 60gr of chia seeds

- 360ml of unsweetened almond milk

- 125gr of mixed frozen red fruit

- 1,5 tablespoon of agave sugar

- 1 lime

- Water

- 1 jar


1. Add the chia seeds and the almond milk in the jar.

2. Stir thoroughly to prevent the chia seeds from sticking together.

3. Let it rest for about 5 minutes and afterwards stir everything together one

more time (to make sure it doesn’t stick together).

4. Put the jars in the fridge and let the chia seeds do their magic J. Leave it

in the fridge for at least 3 hours and it’s even better to put them in the

fridge overnight.

5. You can keep the pudding for at least 3 days.

6. In the meanwhile, we will prepare the coulis of red fruit.

7. Place a steel pan on a low fire and add the red fruit, agave sugar and a

little bit of water. Stir this together.

8. Grate the peel from the lime into the steel pan.

9. Juice ½ of the lime into the steel pan.

10. Once everything is cooked (after 6 minutes), mix everything together in

the blender. Use

a sieve to remove excess seeds (optional, I don’t do this).

11. Place the coulis in the fridge.

12. Serve the chia pudding with the red fruit coulis. Finish off with some

fresh berries (optional).

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