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I think you should get to know me better… So I have decided to show you my guilty pleasure on a Sunday. American pancakes with a blueberry mousse. This literally makes my day. It’s fluffy and so delicious. What is a Sunday without eating pancakes? What is your favorite guilty pleasure? Enjoy your sunny Sunday.

Serves up to 2 – 3 people


- 1 egg

- 15gr of vanilla sugar

- 250gr of pastry flour

- 3 teaspoons of baking powder

- 300ml of milk

- 50gr of butter

- 350gr of blueberries

- 250gr of mascarpone

- Maple syrup

- 1 lemon (optional)

- Salt

- 2 tablespoons of icing sugar


1. Take a mixing bowl and add the flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix this together.

2. Take another mixing bowl and add the egg and milk. Mix this together.

3. Let the butter melt on a low fire and add this to the milk mixture (see number 2).

4. Add the flour mixture (see number 1) bit by bit to the milk mixture (see number 2) until you get an even mixture. Put this mixture aside.

5. Take an automatic mixer and add the blueberries. Mix them until you get a coulis.

6. Add the mascarpone to the coulis and the icing sugar. Mix until you get an even mixture. Put in the fridge so it can rest.

7. Heat your pancake pan on a medium-high fire. Melt a bit of butter.

8. Add a spoon of your pancake mixture (see number 4). Not too much because American pancakes are not that big.

9. Let the bottom side of the pancake turn golden brown and turn your pancake.

10. When serving add on the top the mixture of the blueberries. Add another pancake and repeat. See the picture of the pancakes for the result.

11. Pour some maple syrup on top and a pinch of icing sugar. For the finishing touch, add some blueberries. Optional: grate the peel of a lemon on top for that extra flavor.

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