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Good morning everyone, lately I’ve been obsessed with these delicious açai bowls. It gives me so much energy when eating this for breakfast. Açai is full of natural nutrients and many health benefits.

I like to buy acai as fresh and pure as possible and the best way to do this (in Belgium) is to buy the frozen acai. You can find this in a bio store, nature shop or online. You can add multiple and different type of toppings.

This one is my favorite!


- 200gr of frozen açai

- 1 and ½ frozen bananas

- Small portion of frozen mango

- 15ml of almond milk

- 25ml of water


- Coconut powder

- Red berries

- Blueberries

- Raspberries

- Crumble of pistachio


Important notice before making the bowl: add the almond milk and the water little by little and don’t mix everything for too long. Otherwise your bowl will turn out to be a smoothie. Once you made the bowl, serve it directly.

1. Take your blender and add the banana, acai, mango.

2. Add the almond milk.

3. Mix this together until you get a creamy and thick texture. If you find the mixture too thick you can add the water.

4. Pour this into a bowl.

5. Place the toppings on top of your bowl.

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