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French cuisine with an Asian touch

Discover Cece is Hungry, where culinary flair meets genuine hospitality. What started as a food blog by self-taught chef Célien Mommaerts, has grown into a culinary service tailored to satisfy your every craving and spark your appetite.


From drop-off catering to baking the perfect celebration cakes, from intimate private dinners with friends to lavish events for many, we have you covered. Our dedicated team is committed to creating unforgettable culinary experiences, allowing you to focus on everything else while we handle the food.


Driven by positivity and a passion for high-quality, fresh ingredients, Cece is Hungry believes in the power of shared meals to spread love and happiness. Specializing in French cuisine infused with an Asian twist, we create moments of joy and connection with every bite and encounter. Reach out to discuss your needs and get you hungry!

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Dine with us

Each month we open the doors of Cece’s cooking atelier and host Cece’s Soirée. An evening for real foodies, enjoying the little things in life and appreciating a surprising dinner. During Cece's Soirée, we'll welcome you to the chef's table and present a monthly rotating tasting menu featuring Cece's signature dishes, each crafted with pure, seasonal ingredients.


Don’t like (a big) surprise? Take a peek at our sample menu.

Cece's Soirée

August 9th until August 11th
September 6th until September 8th
October 18th until October 20th

18:30pm - 23:00pm


Every Wednesday
12:00am - 3:30pm


Every Thursday
11:30am - 2:30pm

Secure your spot at the table

Limited walk-ins: first come, first serve. Our chef’s table is bar seating. If you have a specific preference for sitting at our regular tables please give us a call! Planning for a group of more than 4? Send us an email at to ensure your reservation.

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